Quality Assurance

Quality and Performance Management

City Care Cleaning's aim is:

"To bring all our existing and potential clients a well managed and cost effective cleaning service, this exceeds customer expectations". In order to achieve this we implement management systems, which are both effective and professional, and we constantly, look at developing our employees at all levels. Within this section we aim to demonstrate the Quality Management Systems, which we will implement on all of our contracts.

Contract Quality Plan

A detailed Contract Quality Plan will be developed upon contact award and submitted for approval.

This will establish:

  • Our clients Nominated Representative
  • City Care Cleaning Structure
  • Lines of Communication
  • Quality Management System and Review Procedures
  • Resource Planning
  • Health & Safety
  • Suppliers

Site Packs

In order to successfully implement our Contract Quality Plan, we have to ensure that the aims and objectives are communicated at all levels. We will maintain a documented system on the site as a means of ensuring the service provided conforms to specified requirements.

A site pack will be developed which details how we will operate and monitor the services. Our Managers and Supervisors use this as a tool for induction and monitoring purposes. At all times, this site pack is accessible to your selves.

The following information will be contained in the Site Pack.

  • Contact Telephone Number
  • Contract Quality Plan
  • Quality Policy Statement
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Health & Safety Booklet
  • Risk Assessments for the relevant activities
  • COSHH Data Sheets for relevant products
  • Cleaning Work Schedules
  • Accident Book
  • Cleaning Procedure Cards

Monitoring of Standards

To monitor the standards of cleaning achieved we will introduce our Cleaning Inspection Checklist. The building will be completely inspected at a minimum of monthly intervals. Completed inspection forms are submitted to our West London office for review.

The ratings for inspection will be as follows:

  • Exceeds requirements of specification
  • Meets all requirements
  • Cleaned but not to requirements
  • Not cleaned but should have been

Site Communications Book

We will allocate a site communications book to record every aspect of the contract operation. This will be located at a point designated by you. It will ensure that complaints and requests are dealt with quickly and efficiently, and action taken will be recorded in the book at all times.

Your representatives will record any non-conformances for City Care Cleaning to rectify the next working day or within a reasonable time period.

Similarly, City Care Cleaning employees will utilise the book to record items requiring attention.