Public Sector cleaning contracts

As we all know public sector contracts are extremely price sensitive. We are working very hard to find innovative and cost effective ways to achieve best possible results to create a competitive pricing structure.


City Care Cleaning are proud to be accredited to the following commercial and contract cleaning industry regulated organisations.

The Institute is the largest independent professional and educational body within the cleaning industry. Its primary purpose is to raise the status and standards of the commercial cleaning industry through education leading to City & Guilds Qualifications.

This is a contractor accreditation scheme that assesses the health & safety competency of contractors.

Clients have a legal obligation to ensure that contractors operate in a safe way. There is therefore a need to assess a contractor's health & safety arrangements and increasingly this is being carried through Safe Contractor.

Many large organisations now use Safe Contractor as their primary means of selecting contractors. 

This is internationally recognised as the benchmark for a company’s Quality Management System.

In summary our ISO9001 Accreditation demonstrates:

Improved consistency with traceability
Enhanced customer focus
Focused leadership
The involvement of people
A system approach to management
Continual improvement
A factual approach to decision making
Mutually beneficial supplier relationships 

The ISO14001 accreditation shows City Care Cleaning commitment to Environmentally-friendly working practices and waste reduction. We reduce waste, recycle and re-use wherever possible. The ISO14001 comprises a series of international standards on environmental management. The standard demonstrates our ability to:

implement, maintain and improve an environmental management system
demonstrate conformance with our own environmental policy
comply with environmental laws and regulations
demonstrate an environmental management system authorised external certification body
make a self-determination of conformance

Some of its benefits are:

Improved product, process and service quality
Increased customer satisfaction levels
Improved productivity, less waste
Provides competitive advantage
Remains a contractual obligation in some industry sectors

We have two dedicated offices available to answer any of your cleaning queries, whether you are based in West London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire or surrounds we are happy to help. Give us a call now on 01494 442 092 for our office in West London, and we will set up your cleaning package today.