Contract Cleaning and Office Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning with value added personal touch

Office cleaning services and commercial cleaning are at the heart of our business. It is where we began, and where we excel. No matter your contract cleaning needs, we can deliver.

We are always at the forefront of any new technology and today we are one of the leading companies to adapt innovative cleaning methods to achieve best results possible for the benefit of our clients.

You're benefited from:

  • Significantly reduced costs
  • Potential reduction in energy usage
  • Staff are more motivated by team dynamics & defined work paths
  • Better staff retention rate

Our Cleaning Inspection Checklist monitors the standards achieved. The building is inspected regularly & completed inspection forms are submitted to our office for review.

A clean office and building provide a safer and healthier working environment and this is proven to help improve productivity. We have also worked very closely with clients to re-engineer some of our cleaning programmes to ensure that key contact areas are continuously monitored to help prevent the spread of germs. Our office cleaning service is tailored to each individual customer and can include specialist cleaning programmes to achieve best results. We also have a team of specialist cleaning contractors to provide washroom cleaning facilities with the regular stocking of hygiene and paper products and janitorial supplies.

We will allocate a site communications book to record every aspect of the contract cleaning and our office cleaning operation. This will be located at a point designated by you. It will ensure that complaints and requests are dealt with quickly and efficiently and action taken will be recorded in the book.

Your representatives will record any concerns for City Care Cleaning to rectify the next working day or within a reasonable time period. In order to ensure operational success in our office cleaning services, we require our managers to be "hands on" and have balanced man management skills and business sense. We train our managers to be flexible to changing customer needs and as this cascades through our organisation's structure, we know that the approach of our staff will provide our customers with a quality service.

We have two dedicated offices available to answer any of your cleaning queries, whether you are based in West London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire or surrounds we are happy to help. Give us a call now on 01494 442 092 for our office in West London, and we will set up your cleaning package today.