Environmental Policy

City Care Cleaning recognises its responsibilities as a service organisation and concerns itself with both long and short-term effects of its business in relation to the environment.

Our company have adopted a positive policy to promote a practical day to day commitment to the environment. Our policies, procedures and processes are constantly reviewed. We strive to carry out our activities in ways which preserve, protect and enhance the environment.

City Care Cleaning has a commitment to:

  • Meet, and where appropriate, exceed all relevant legislative, industry and other relevant standards.
  • By introducing a system of re-use rather than disposal and the promotion of recycling and the use of recyclable materials, we aim to reduce our consumption of materials.
  • Reduce, as far as possible, our use of non-renewable energy sources and develop an energy efficiency programme.
  • Reduce, as far as possible, the visual and noise impacts of our activities.
  • Include environmental issues as an agenda item on all company, discipline and main board meetings.
  • Development of environmental awareness and sound environmental practices amongst all City Care Cleaning employees by the provision of formal and informal training.
  • Monitor progress and publish an environmental performance report on an annual basis.

Through our partnership approach, we have worked actively with our customers to increase the amount and range of products that are recycled. In a number of cases we have worked with our customers to minimize the environmental impact on our customer's operation, with a steady year on year decrease.

Health and Safety Policy

We recognize that the development of a culture supportive of health and safety is necessary to achieve adequate control over risks. Accordingly, we do all that is reasonably practicable to promote co-operation between companies, groups and individuals so that health and safety is a collaborative effort. Quality initiatives are supported, aimed at continuous safety improvement, ensuring the communication of necessary information throughout the organization. City Care Cleaning's aim is to contribute to an environment that is free of injuries, ill health and loss.

Each company has an individual health and safety policy that is appropriate to its business and organization.

The managers and supervisors within each contract are responsible for supervising and controlling work, in order to reduce the risk of ill health, injury and loss.

Employees are expected to work safely and efficiently, with proper regard for others around them, to follow the company safety procedures and to use work and protective equipment in accordance with information, instruction and training they receive.

COSHH Policy

City Care Cleaning operates a policy in respect of hazardous substances in line with current legislation. As employers, we assess the risks to health in the workplace and if possible, prevent anyone from being exposed to dangerous substances. Should this not be possible, we control the exposure to reduce any risk.

All staff are trained and informed of safe working practices. We ensure that they know the risks involved when using chemicals and understand instructions given to them. Appropriate safety equipment is issued and staffs are instructed in the correct use of such protective equipment.

Each chemical product used by the company has a COSHH Assessment sheet and a health & safety data sheet, which is held on site.